Hi there! I'm Nannette.

I wonder if you came upon this website because you are like me. 


Have you ever felt like you were too much and not enough at the same time?

Too sensitive...too emotional...too caring...not sure enough...not capable enough...not emotionally stable enough...


Much of my life was spent second-guessing myself. I wondered why some people could watch certain movies and I couldn't. As a mother I couldn't understand why I got so easily overwhelmed, to the point of shutting down at times, when other mothers seemed to take the chaos of mom-life in stride. Why did I so easily take on the emotions of others around me? And doesn't everyone avoid the news like a plague and turn off all notifications on their phone?

(...just me?...)

As it turns out, I'm about as "normal" as up to 20% of the population. A Highly Sensitive Person with a strong empathic gifting, what I described above are the challenges of what I've come to call my superpowers. 

Now I now embrace my deeply empathetic, emotionally and spiritually sensitive tendencies as a gift. Not only that, but I've reached a firm conviction that the sensitive, empathic Daughter of God is a wildly 




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Moving to Kodiak, Alaska in 2012 changed the course of my life forever! I met my fun, steady, oh-so handsome husband Jay shortly after arriving. We got married a year later, had our tenacious, energetic son, Josiah the following year, and were graced with our sweet, joyful baby girl Emerald this past summer. Our family is wonderfully complete! 

Besides my family, things that bring me joy are exploring this spectacular island, coffee with girlfriends, art of all kinds, metalsmithing in particular, and conversations about God and the supernatural. I geek out on The Voice, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, symbolism, and epic stories with spiritual parallels (closet nerd, right here!). My current obsession is soaking up knowledge of the prophetic process--how and why God speaks. 


As for who I am, I'm a Daughter of the Most High...a Child of the King! I know who I am and whose I am. I'm also on a journey of stepping into vulnerability and speaking truth. My calling is to shine a light on the path of knowing God, and inner healing, and to activate a spirit of prophecy in this generation.

I wasn't always bold and full of purpose. In fact, I started out in a very different place.  Ten years ago, I had no idea who I was, apart from the life I had built up around myself like a tower. When that tower came crashing down in the form of divorce, Holy Spirit began to show up in new ways, starting with a vision I had when I was still grasping for control of an uncontrollable situation: 

In my mind's eye I saw two towers, a foot standing on each. One tower was strong and immovable. The other was crumbling out from under the foot that was on it. Instantly I knew the feet were mine, and what the towers represented. The crumbling tower was my life. The strong tower was Jesus. My first choice was to remain as I was. With weight distributed equally, eventually I would go down with the rubble. Or I could shift my weight and plant both feet firmly on the strong tower.

I chose the latter, and would soon see how hearing the voice of God changes everything.

Be blessed as you step into the deeper things of God.


Learning to Hear the Voice of God

Ten years ago, I read the book Forgotten God, by Francis Chan. I remember asking for more of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to see this power that I kept reading about in the book of Acts. Before that, I realized I had a big question that needed answered:


Does God really speak? 

I mean, I know God speaks through his written word. I had felt his presence during worship. I had a special peace when making tough decisions. But what about other ways? 

Would he speak to me directly?


And what would that be like? Would he speak in a whisper or something...louder?


It started with waves of color 

flashing before closed eyes as I prayed. 

As an artist, I had always been visual. So I wasn't that surprised when I began seeing visual images, especially during a time of worship. I would see things raining down in church-diamonds, leaves, rose petals. 

I thought it was my own imagination.

At first.


Then I started bringing my journal.

Pen to paper in the presence of God, I began to record his words over me.

I wasn't prepared for the inner HEALING that took place, but man did I need it!

If you are reading this, God wants to speak to you. He wants you to hear his voice. This experience is not reserved for the few wearing the label of Prophet, but is available to YOU. My desire is for people to step into the fullness of who they are in relationship with Jesus.

And there is always MORE of him.


This blog was NOT my idea. In fact, I said no...a lot. But God loves you and wants you to know that he wants a REAL relationship with you.

What if you never heard directly from your spouse, kids, or best friend?

Would that count as a relationship?

So he wore me down, and now I'm EXCITED to help you step into the MORE he has for you.


See, the voice of God even changed that!

If you are interested in going deeper, or if you are intrigued about whether hearing from God is a real thing, come on this journey with me. 

It will be fresh.


It's VERY personal. 

It's even practical.

Click here to read the blog.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. But it was to us that God revealed this things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God's deep secrets."

1 Corinthians :9-10 NLT