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I'm Nannette- Breakthrough Mentor. Minister of Inner Healing. Daughter of God.

Do you have a dream God has placed on your heart, but no place for your dream?

Are you dissatisfied by church as usual (or even church un-usual), but don't yet see yourself as a world-changer ?

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and want to give your dream one more try by doing the OPPOSITE of what the world will tell you…then join a community of  spiritually + emotionally intuitive Daughters of God who are ready to flip the tables on what it means to be an Influencer!

What do you have to lose? (I mean really, it IS a free challenge)

No Marketing. No platform. Real impact.

Join me in the Kingdom Influencer Challenge January 12-15, where I am offering 4 days of LIVE training Free

Trainings include:

  • Kickstart Your Impact

  • Overcoming the Fear Factor (special guest Sandy Gledhill)

  • The Power of the One

  • Activating Your Now Assignment

Bonus: Discover Your Kingdom Influencer Language

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The Kingdom Influencer Challenge
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