Welcome intuitive Daughter of God!


I'm Nannette and I am so glad you are here. 

It is no coincidence you are here. Do you feel it? That spark in your soul. Your fire may have been quenched, but that is not your destiny.

Holy Spirit's call has been on my heart:

"It's time to stoke the fire! Wake up! It's time."

So, Girl on Fire, are you ready to say goodbye to burnout and step into your Purpose?

Join me in the Girl on Fire Challenge November 10-13, where I am offering 4 days of LIVE training for only $11  (100% of proceeds will be donated to Western US wildfire relief )

Trainings include:

  • Illuminate your Purpose

  • Ignite your Inner Warrior

  • Blast Free of Negative Cycles (for good!)

  • Burn Without Burning Out

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the ARISE 5 Day Challenge
(PLEASE READ: Once you submit payment, you will be emailed instructions and access to the private Facebook group where the challenge will take place)