Baring It All

Don't worry! This blog isn't for mature audiences only. In fact, it would help if you were at least a little immature. Think junior high. You know that classic ice-breaker question, "What was your most embarrassing moment?" I HATED that question...and we don't use the "H" word lightly in our home. Just ask my 5yr old.

Who does that to a 12 year old girl anyway? Apparently it's in the How to Torment Preteens lesson of youth leader and camp director training.

Twenty years old and sensing the irony of being both a Youth Ministry major AND a camp counselor who was unable to embrace humiliation, I decided to do something. That something consisted of my then most embarrassing moment--peeing my pants in the woods as a grown-up--being trumped almost immediately by a new champ as I loudly confessed the event to my fellow male and female counselors. The response was thick, awkward silence. Not my most successful attempt at personal growth.