Spiritually Hangry

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Heaven-sent callings can only be birthed and nursed from a place of spiritual overflow.

I forgot to eat this morning. Again.

What happened? I used to be a breakfast person. Best meal of the day and all.

Instead I stare down at my freshly ground fair-trade Sumatran coffee as if its betrayed me. Coffee IS an appetite suppressant. How dare it be so yummy, yet entirely devoid of nutrients. Jerk.

Maybe it's my 5yr old's fault for distracting me. Oh! Or the 5 month old with her cute, chunky dimpled cheeks demanding my attention.

When in doubt, blame the baby! All moms have earned that mantra. Forever.

I mean, seriously...how adorably distracting are these two faces?!

To make it worse, I'm eating for